Monday, 14 May 2012

University of Birmingham; Trees.

My University has embarked (hurhuhur) on a tree based mission. To be honest, I'm quite upset - a lot of mature trees have been chopped right back and some have been removed completely. Granted, replacement trees have been planted, and the Uni is doing a lot of work around campus to make it even prettier, but I don't agree with chopping up old trees :-(

Anyhoo! The point of this post is to show you three pictures. A tree that I pass on my walk to and from the building I work in; a tree that is passed by thousands of people a day (quite probably) on the walk from the railway station to the heart of campus. This tree was tres pretty, and now it has been cut down. And stripped. And carved!
Pretty, non? 'Per Ardua Ad Alta' is the Uni motto; the lions features on our sports kit and other places and I can't remember what the words say but I think, if my memory serves me, it's to do with the engineering depts at Uni :-)

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  1. The motto is Through efforts to High Things. To be honest as a fellow student at UoB I hadnt even considered what the motto stood for and had to wikipedia it lol.