Friday, 18 May 2012

Crochet Hoody WIP


For what feels like forever, I have been working on a crochet hoody, following a pattern from Inside Crochet mag. I started this pattern before Christmas, did 20-something rows and undid it all (it was a hodgepodge of stitches and wonky). I finally decided to give it another go - I have done 72ch, but am working it to 71 rows. I thought this would help make it slightly wider.

Currently, it has 1 foundation row, and 39 stitch rows, and measures 18 inches long by 14 inches wide. (Total rows needed is 71). My mom measured my back, from the nape of my neck to my tail bone. This measures 23 inches. Soooo, by doing some quick mental maths, we can concur that in 5 inches time (give or take 10 rows), I'll be at the required length for the back piece.

Also; when measuring clothes, I was brought up to measure seams to the halfway point of your body (eg, half way past hip bones/waist). This 14 inch wide strip of material is no where near wide enough! I know I haven't done the edge for it yet, and I also know it hasn't been blocked and that it will stretch. I just can't help but feel it's all the wrong way round?!

Here are pics:


If I hold it up against my body, it makes more sense to turn it on its side, but then I'm working in the wrong direction. I am SO CONFUSED.


L x

PS. I'm working it in double treble (UK). I read a blog today that says it should be Herringbone Half Treble. BUGGER. I am not undoing it all again!!!

PPS. Help.

ETA: I have realised I'm using a 4mm hook, instead of a 3.75mm. Will this make much of a difference? I didn't make a swatch either - life's too short ;)


  1. Q1 : did you do a Tension / Gauge swatch

    Q2: are you working with a similar yarn / wool weight and using the right sized hook?

    Q3: The pattern does state HHTR which would be a small stitch in height to the DTR that you are using!

    I have the pattern here in front of me - what size are you working to & are you following the right set of instructions for your size?

    Tweet me back if it's easier. Ali (maccrochet)

  2. Hah! just edited it to say no swatch made. i never do! im using a 4mm hook, and im using a wool/acrylic blend for 4mm hooks. Sooooo in short, ive done it all wrong?! HAHAHA im a donut :D

    Ive fiddled with the size - width is done 72 stitches (38" chest) but row numbers I'm working to the 36". I only did this because I couldn't get it right before!

    Do you think it's salvageable?!

  3. I only learn today what HHTR is! Rubbish.

  4. Mmmm it could be if you work the piece to measure the stated length of 58inches including the V neck decrease of 9 rows on the front. Does that make sense?
    I know you said your mum has measured your back at 23" which is the stated 58cm for that size so if you work to that measurement then it should work out!
    Then follow the Front bit of the pattern as stated, to 59 rows (or adjust as you are using a slightly different stitch and again bear this in mind when doing the V-Neck Decrease.
    Come back to me if you need to.