Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stirchley Market: April

I love the Stirchley Market, I do I do I do. It's introduced me to lots of new people in my local community; it's opened my eyes to what this little area of South Birmingham has to offer - since I started going last July, I've met LOAF; Birmingham Bike Foundary; Martineau Gardens and many others. Today I met Frost and Snow Cupcakes, and I bought one of their cakes - it was absolutely divine! Anyway, here are pics of todays purchases - kudos to the market for helping my vinyl collection grow!!

Today I also got my bike looked at - my wheels are squiffy, and my chain needs oiling. I'm still not sure if I trust myself on a pushbike! It's been over ten years since I last used one (I came off, took a chunk out of a concrete post, broke my arm & still have scars up the backs of my arms from where I skidded along the pavement. Nervous doesn't quite cover it!) I do keep intending too though, maybe when I've got the kickstand put on and the wheels sorted, I'll have a go around the park or something.

I didn't get a photo of the cake, but it was amazing. Vanilla cupcake with pink, rose effect icing. Check them out - http://www.frostandsnow.co.uk - should've bought two!

I will most definitely be making an effort to get to future markets when I move back to B31 - it's been so good getting to know this area; I'm a Brummie but don't know half of what goes on!

L x

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