Friday, 4 May 2012

Custom Trilobites!

In between packing to move out of one house and unpacking as I move back into another, and then redecorating a room, I have been crafting! It's been a long while since I've just sat and played with my clay, and after talking with a Geologist on twitter, I was asked if I could make a pair of cufflinks, with a certain finish. I made a few different colours, and between emails and tweets a final pair was decided on. Here they are!
They were sent off yesterday to their new home, and I received this tweet:
Pretty awesome feedback, non?

The picture has also been posted to the Geological Outreach facebook page, and retweeted by another geologist! I'm really really pleased with how they turned out, and clearly Dr Bailey is too :-)

So, if you would like your own pair of trilobite cufflinks, I have some listed in my new Etsy shop - - and of course, I'm always interested in custom orders!

L x

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