Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Allotment Blog: Plot 42

Plot 42 is my second allotment. I spent the afternoon up there yesterday, it's quite overgrown but has been very muddy & boggy so I haven't been able to do much!

I weeded, hoe'd, put an anti-weed growth sheet down and then some pine chippings on top in the greenhouse. Looks A LOT neater! Nearly ready for planting - just needs some plants! We're going to put tomatoes, basil and tagetes in the greenhouse.

I then weeded and dug an extension to the broad bean patch, and I sowed some more.

I also began to weed the plot as a whole. It's got a lot of grass, and a lot of stuff that I don't know the name of. It spreads like there's no tomorrow and it's really sticky! Easy to pull up though. I cleared away the weeds from where Chard is growing, to give the Chard a chance, and I also discovered some patches of Peppermint growing! I loooooooove mint!

Over on Plot 31, the Onions are doing really well! Just hope the amount of leaves is correlated to the size! They still have a couple of months to grow.

Quite good for an afternoon! I hope to get up there again tomorrow while the weather is nice. We're planning a pumpkin patch on Plot 42! It'll have pumpkin, pattypan, butternut squash and probably courgettes growing in it :)

L x

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