Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dreadlock Sleeves Now Available!

My new favourite crochet addiction :)

Priced at £9.25 each, including postage. I ship internationally! Yay! I can also do these in custom colours & sizes, just contact me for a price (either via etsy, or at I have had one of these on my locks for over a month now and it hasn't budged or anything, even when I wash my locks. You can visit my Etsy shop here.

L x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

UoB Community Day 2012

June 10th once again saw the University of Birmingham throw open its' campus to the people of the community, to showcase the work that is done at the uni, and the people who do it. Hydrogen cars were on show, the farmers market was there, the Lapworth Museum had Timmy the Time-Travelling T Rex and some of the specimens on display. There was a chance to meet Prof Alice Roberts as she painted people in the Great Hall, and she also gave a talk on Mammoths - my sister and I attended this, and I uber fangirled, and got my photo taken with Prof Roberts afterwards. She's so nice!! And I may have her for lectures when I return to uni. Squee!

My sister and I then went for a mooch around the Great Hall and campus, before deciding to go to Winterbourne House & Garden to kill an hour or so. It was a pound entry for Community Day, and oh my days we didn't expect what we saw! We'd both been to the house before so we only had a quick look around in the house. We went out into the gardens, and we honestly thought it'd just be some formal lawns and borders. We kept walking, and we kept discovering new places! Little gaps in the hedges leading you to another section, a few sign posts here and there to tell you a bit more information, little muddy pathways that trailed away into the distance.

The best part (read: the part I liked the most) was the woodland area. Huuuuuggeee trees rising so high, a large pond with a bridge, a raised walkway and then a stream, with stepping stones in it! So, being the child that I am, I went all over the stepping stones, and followed them up the stream, and then back to the path. We carried on walking round the garden and found the Geographic Gardens, the chickens (two of whom I'd already met, at Community Day 2010), and then we entered the greenhouse area and kitchen garden. 

There was just so much to see! And all for £1 entry. The normal price is £4. Having now seen the gardens, I would happily pay £4 to go again! Here are some pics:

There are more photos over on my Flickr. I took a lot. And my sister also took a few! 

Good day was good!

L x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

More Gigs in Pictures

Another ‘Upcoming Gigs in Pictures’ blog. Quite similar to the last one!


And these..

Are supporting these..

Then these..

Are supporting these..

Two nights in a row.

[Repeat first three pics here]

Then these..

Then a quiet period!

Then these, 3rd time in a year!

Then these [2nd time in a year]...

What fun!
Cleeeaaaaaaaaaaarlllyyy this doesn't include Road to Warped or Warped. All that may change soon!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Mom asked if we could have a pumpkin patch this year, so today I went and started to clear a patch on Plot 42 for it!! I dug it over, weeded it, dug up loads of potatoes, and then laid down some weed suppressing mulch sheet thing, before planting some french marigolds, a pattypan squash, a courgette and two butternut squashes. I still have another 8 butternuts to plant!! So I think the pumpkin patch will need extending soon :)

The potatoes I dug up are now on Plot 31, in a patch that has two rows of peas, and a row of rainbow chard. The potatoes are left over from the guy who had Plot 42 before - he grew them every year and didn't dig them all up!

L x