Wednesday, 9 May 2012

About Me: 50 Things

1. I am nearly 24. For the most part, I still act 16/17
2. I lived in Saudi Arabia
3. I taught myself to crochet last year
4. I was a University student up until 3 months ago
5. I’m taking temporary leave until next January
6. I have the most amazing niece and nephew
7. I love pop punk. It most certainly isn’t dead
8. I base my relationships on music taste
9. I love Geology
10. I prefer rocks to people
11. Acoustic music makes me cry
12. I cannot wait to leave this country
13. I want to do conservation and development based work in countries that need it
14. I like to read, especially stories of the desert
15. I learnt Arabic last year. I’ll be learning it again this year
16. I do peyote stitch
17. I have an etsy shop
18. I have dreadlocks
19. I’m well on the way to becoming a cat lady
20. I love rats
21. I’m quite fond of triple vodka & coke
22. Music makes my world go round
23. Friends mean the world to me. The few that I have are very precious
24. I’m in love :)
25. The smallest things make me happy. Like, ladybugs, and trains, and old cars and romance
26. I love bar work
27. But cleaning was the best job I ever had
28. I don’t talk to any of my ex’s, but they taught me a lot about life, myself and the world. And who not to date
29. I think I’m on the verge of becoming a vegetarian
30. Routine is everything
31. I love field trips
32. I love being in the middle of nowhere, all wrapped up in my thermals and waterproofs, with no phone signal, cut off from the world
33. I love the seaside
34. I’m always looking for my next adventure
35. New Found Glory til I die
36. I have two allotments. They’re currently both flooded and thus useless
37. I can’t wait to get back to Uni and show the world what I can do
38. I’m ready
39. I really like cooking. I make a mean pasta sauce
40. I bake my own bread
41. I used to put on gigs in Birmingham
42. I love sweaty little venues. Give me a shit pub basement over a festival any day
43. I’m slowly starting to learn about myself. I am awesome, I just need to realise
44. I love the rain. I love proper downpours, when they’re sudden and unexpected, and it’s still sunny and you get soaked in seconds. Proper rain
45. The cloudless starry nights make me homesick for the desert
46. I want a VW splitty as my first car
47. I spend far too much time on twitter
48. I love the way my mind works
49. I can’t wait to join the big ol’ world of full time, hard graft
50. I feel so strange. Something inside me is stirring and getting ready for the next step of my life. Something has happened to make me switch, to tune me into life and all it has to offer. Bring. It. On.

L x

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