Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Week Three Merriment

Week three of uni has been on gone. My one feeling about it right now is: grateful. That's the sum of it.

I'm grateful for the chance to go back to university.
I'm thankful that my third year friends a) haven't forgotten me, b) still talk to me and c) genuinely ask me how I am, and repeatedly asking how I am just to make sure.
I'm humbled by some of their words.
I'm grateful for their words of advice, support and encouragement.
I'm thankful to the masters students who let me crash their lunch room so I can moan to my friend on the masters course.
I'm thankful that the guys I'm mapping with are all decent, sound, funny guys. I think the six weeks on Arran will be a right laugh (unless we gang together and kill Jordan).

I feel a lot better right now.

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