Sunday, 6 January 2013

January 7th.

Tomorrow is January 7th, 2013.

My grandmother on my mother’s side will be 95.

I will be returning to my undergraduate studies after a 10 month break.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared, I feel underprepared but better prepared than I felt this time last year. I feel ready to take on the challenge and the workload and the timetabled academic lifestyle, but I don’t feel 100% ready.

I’m still trying to get out of the mentality of paid employment before a degree. I need to change this so it is degree before paid employment. I need to balance my time much more carefully this year so I don’t overdo myself and don’t burn out again. I feel like I have more on my plate this year – yoga, volunteering at Stirchley Stores and having a dedicated allotment day. I need to balance my shifts at work now that I have two jobs to ensure I don’t overdo the work. I will aim for one bar shift a fortnight and one learning centre shift a week (they pay more and it is easier work, and I can catch up on course related work while I am there). It will of course simply depend on my availability and how the rotas are drawn up.

I’m calm at the moment, I don’t think I’ve realised how soon I am going back to uni. TOMORROW. I go back TOMORROW.

Let’s do this.

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