Sunday, 4 September 2011


A few things I've made as I'm teaching myself to crochet! I tend to make something as an excuse for practicing my stitches.. I don't make a swatch but instead make a 'something'! :-)

This was meant to become a hat, but the yarn was too thick/stiff, so I fashioned it into table placemat for my Nan. The yarn was given to me by my Aunt when my other Nan died a few years ago. Recycling!

Pretty evident I should hope! My crochet hook holder, made with 3 yarns held as 1 (red, white & blue!) and a 9mm hook.

My first ever granny square! Made with a ball of yarn from Wilkos, and then a bit of scrap to finish off the edge (dark blue on left).

A pear! Well, not really. It's a head, for a cuddly teddy/stuffed dog, called Pepper. I'm using a pattern from Inside Crochet magazine - you can see it here: - I'm planning on making one for my niece and one for my nephew, but I started about 3 weeks ago and only have one head....

Oh I am a happy hooker..



  1. Yay - you got the bug!! I have been making hearts and flowers and more jar cosies. I think everyone wll be getting something crocheted this Xmas :)

  2. ahh! i must make jar cosies - could use them for so many things! i also forsee a crocheted christmas... xx