Monday, 12 March 2012


I've decided to get fit this year, properly fit. This will include getting fit for field trips next year, generally improving my cardiovascular fitness, doing my physio whilst walking (walking with my feet straight, holding abs in, shoulders down & back) in order to try and improve posture, and correct my turned-in-feet-ness.

I enjoy walking, so as such I've decided to finally get some of those tone-up trainer efforts (I've found some for less than £50; price was the reason I haven't bought any sooner), so I'll get some of them and go walkies.

As I'm moving back to B31 fairly soon, I've spent some of today messing around on Google Earth, learning how to annotate it and draw things and plan routes. This is the result:

Nine potential routes to walk, around my local area. Some are deliberately short - my mom sometimes comes on walks with me, but she can't walk far. In theory we can start with the shorter routes and build up to the longer ones. Personally, anything less than 2 miles isn't good enough for me! There are areas I'm avoiding - super chavvy areas where I'm likely to get stabbed/shot/raped/assaulted etc. - which is quite a challenge in B31!

I'm going to aim to go for a walk a day, along any of these routes. Generally, I walk a route one day, and then walk it again a few days later but in reverse. I find I notice different things!

I can't wait!

L x

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