Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Frog Blog

On March 11th, my mother text me this picture:

Today, I've been to visit the spawn, and they've started to develop!

And a close up...

Each little cell is quite clearly splitting into two parts - the head and the tail! Very exciting watching new frog life live and grow and evolve into a froglet :-)

Considering our 'pond' started life as a bird bath, probably 6 or 7 years ago now, it's not doing too badly as a little breeding haven for froggies! These are the spawn of the Common Frog - I know this because we quite often see frogs up here, or around the greenhouse. We've seen large and small, male and female, old frogs and last years returning frogs. We've seen them hibernating; in the evening; under the plastic tubs; hiding under rotting (and probably fermenting) apples; during amplexus; and being thrown around by the cats. We're very proud of our little froggy habitat, and it's always nice when they come back every year.

Last year wasn't a good year for froglings - we didn't have many survive. I love the little frogs that leave the water, still with a tail attached! Will definitely be keeping tabs on this lot, so expect more Frog Blogs!

L x

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