Sunday, 18 March 2012


I rather spectacularly fell off the Granny A Day wagon quite a long time go; I blame the ex, heartbreak, uni, stress, potentially life changing decisions & my depression. I'm back on it now though!

I went home to my parents house, quite late on Friday evening (10pm ish) - I was craving doing some crochet, and all of my yarn and hooks had already been taken back as part of my move back home.

I made two granny squares whilst I was there:

I forgot to get a pic of the second – it is orange (neon!) with a red layer around it.

Today I have made a large yellow and blue granny:

And have already used it as a duster. My Granny A Day total is now up to about 27, but I didn’t bring all my yarn with me (I’m meant to be moving out, not back in!) so I only have red, yellow & blue. Also didn’t look at the hooks I picked up – I’ve managed to come home with two 4.5mm hooks! Oh well.

Today I’ve been sat in, waiting for someone to come and have a look at the room, so I decided to master a crochet flower. I was planning to make the flower in the latest edition of Mollie Makes. That didn’t work. I couldn’t/still can’t figure out what a slip ring is?! Is it just a magic ring? Why don’t they just say that?! (Why doesn’t someone come up with an international standard crochet terminology?!! It’d make things a lot easier). So anyway, I promptly gave up with MM, (there’s a surprise), and turned to ye olde faithful, Google.

I found a few UK patterns that had fairly impressive looking flowers, I’d like to make them all! But I decided to try a simple one first, and I made these:

YAY! First ever crochet flowers (I text my mom “my first ever crowshit flours”, hehehe)
So I am quite pleased with myself today. Think I may make loads more! Why not. It’s raining out (pouring down) and I’m not quite in the mood to start reading my next book (Sense and Sensibility).

I have also started to crochet together some knitted squares:

...These will be the subject of another blog post!

L x

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