Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Allotment Blog, Again

Today I went back up the allotment for a good few hours. I finished digging over the larger bed I made the other day, weeded it, raked it a bit and got fed up of seeing it. Planted the strawberries up in their new blue planter, and put the leftover strawbs in the hanging planter on my shed door. I also managed to destroy my compost area, so I needed to rebuild it - I transferred some compost into the other half and turned it a little bit. Cleared up around the back of the compost; found some rhubarb coming through. Mom mowed the lawn and cleared the overgrowth on Plot 42 and found a row of parsnips that the guy (who had the plot before us) had left. Also put up a dalek compost bin on Plot 42. Mom also cleared out the greenhouse and cleaned its windows. I painted a plank of wood... No reason, but I've wanted to paint something for a while! Tidied up the decking area; weeded the roses a bit (pulled out the foxgloves) and chopped back the mint, peony & carnations. Mulched around the rhubarb and replanted the chard in the bed I've been working on. Put out some more bird food and then came home! Quite productive, but I still haven't dug out the drainage ditches, which is a Must Do Job. It can wait. Also managed to sit on a bramble and kneel on a nettle. My shoulder keeps going into spasm and my back is sore; tomorrow will not be fun.

Pictures from Plot 31:

Pictures from Plot 42

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