Sunday, 13 January 2013

First Week Back At Uni = Done!

And so! Week one of university has been and gone. I attended all my lectures, which I think is more than I did this time last year. I’ve been continuing with the work/revision that I started over the Christmas holidays and I’ve begun the extra reading for my lectures (which is WAY more than I did last year!!).

I’ve not quite gotten into a routine yet – I had a lot of general errands to run this week to get things finalised and sorted.. coursework marks, counselling, meetings at work etc., so hopefully this week things will settle down and instead of going to find my friend for a gossip, I’ll sit down and do some work.

I have nearly the same amount of free time as a do lectures (on a weekday 9-5 timetable) so I really need to use this time and use it wisely. I can’t afford to mess up again. I’ve worked in set revision times that I’ll do during the day, staying on campus, and I’ve built in errand-running time, yoga/pilates time, shift-at-work time and also volunteering. I intend to start and get into the habit of being on campus from 9am – 6pm… a few reasons for this. Home atmosphere is still tense since the events of last May; I need to get used to long working days; if I stay at uni I’m more likely to get the work done etc. I just need to use the time available to me. I don’t want to get to exam period and say ‘I wish I’d spent more time on this module’.

I’ve also got my name down to do my dissertation mapping project on the Isle of Arran. 6 weeks on Arran! I’ll be with three guys, I don’t even know them, so this week’s mission is to find out who they are! I also need to start stocking up on field equipment.. I need new boots and waterproofs, and some general stuff like mapping pens.

So, after my first week, things are going quite well! I hope this next week will be more settled as I won’t be doing as much running around to sort things out. Fingers crossed!

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