Sunday, 12 August 2012

Volunteering Week Four

More of the same - we carried on looking through boxes to see what had numbers and what needed numbers. Quite a few specimens had numbers that weren't meant to exist (they didn't correspond to anything) so we had to re-number quite a lot of stuff. The MINISIS software worked brilliantly both days, and I think we've ironed out any teething issues - we all know how and what to enter and where to enter it, and I think the records we've been making are pretty full!

We found this skull in the bottom of one of the boxes. We have no idea what it is?! It looks almost like it wants to be a Triceratops, with the ridge at the top. It obviously had large horns. That's my hand for some sort of scale - anybody have any ideas?

Wartime posters in one of the downstairs rooms.

A brilliant entry in the accessions book!

The warehouse stores all sorts of objects, not just Natural Science. This shelf is behind the computer.

Muntjac-In-A-Box! (Eleven boxes containing Muntjac deer bones. Lukas and I wanted to assemble them with blu-tac. This idea didn't go down well).

All in all, I'm loving being a NatSciVol! The work is varied, interesting, weird, funny, tedious, amazing and rewarding all at the same time. We have tracked down things that were missing; we've added a decent amount of specimens to the catalogue; we've photographed a lot of the birds (mostly in glass cases); and we think we've found the source of the Llama head which is sitting on a shelf. I could quite easily do this more often, two days a week just isn't enough! We're nearly halfway through the project - next week (Wednesday), we will be at Thinktank Museum to do a Meet The Volunteer day. On August 19th the Museums Collection Centre will be open to the public so you can come down and see some of the objects we have been working with! 

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