Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I bought a new diary today, an academic one, to follow on from my current diary. It’s quite nice. Splashed out I did, £7 from Paperchase in Selfridges. It’s a hardback, and has a week to view. I’ve started filling it in. I love filling in new diaries and calendars! Makes me feel good about having stuff to do. 

I’m writing a blog about this because of a few things:

· I’m now in my fifth week of paid employment. Where has the time gone?!
· I will be starting my Natural Science Volunteer Placement NEXT WEEK.
· I’m seeing Blink 182 the week after!

I’ve also jotted in some things that I’d like to do – and one of these is starting Tai Chi. I saw a link on twitter, and had a mooch around the website, and yesterday I emailed them about prices. £4 a class isn’t too bad! So hopefully this Friday, but probably next Friday (when I’ve been paid), I will be starting Tai Chi!

I had another crap day at work – I cried a little bit today – but I’m putting it down to tiredness from getting up at 5:30am 5 days in a row after a crap night’s sleep (note to self, go to bed earlier). I need to start eating better too – I am currently living off cereal, toast and bananas. And chocolate cake, biscuits and crisps. Need to get a proper eating routine going, and then I’ll hopefully have the drive to go swimming before I go volunteering.

Despite job woes, I still very much feel like my life is getting sorted. Slowly, one by one, bit by bit, things are falling in to place. My mind is rested, I have some income, I have work experience, I have time to blog, to write, to draw. I have time to go for walks and the energy to appreciate what I see and do. I feel completely different to how I felt at the start of the year. I can see an end to this and I know it’s all going to be fine.
One step at a time.

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