Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Things I Learnt At Work: Part One

Some of you may know that I currently have two part time jobs, one of which is in a student bar. Yesterday while I was working at said student bar, I learnt some things. Here they are.

1) Joes Bar, the award winning bar I call my workplace, and the place where I spend my wages, is actually supposed to have an Italian theme. Hence the pizzas, pasta dishes and no burgers. It’s also supposed to be obvious. Err..

2) A continuation of 1; there is no hope in hell of us changing it to a steak house.

3) We have a Guinness nozzle safe behind the bar. This is actually amazing! A safe for a beer tap nozzle! Awesome.

4) The chefs can be bribed.

5) I love bar work. I already knew this, but I feel the need to reaffirm it. I love the atmosphere, I love the chat, I just love bar work.

This is all for now. I’m off to continue to catch up with the ‘Granny A Day’ Crochet Project!

L x


  1. Italian theme?

    I thought they were just trying to steal trade from the places on the Bristol Rd!

  2. hahaha! yeah, apparently its an italian effort. apparently its not obvious ;)