Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year! Have a great 1985...

Kudos to those who get the musical reference in the title ;-)

Happy New Year!!!

So well done for surviving Christmas & New Years! I’ve spent most of my month off university, at university! I have a weekend job in one of the buildings on campus; this building is only shut 6 days a year (3 of which were in the past 3 weeks).

As weekend staff, I’m also required to cover holidays, university closed days & bank holidays, and I’d told my bosses I was prepared to work as much as I could. And they honoured this. I’m not complaining – it’s a good job, it got me out of the house, it’s a routine, it gave me the chance to sit & do my work with no distractions (I type up uni work while I’m there), and of course, it’s money. I worked Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, and have had alternating days of working, or being on standby. I was working the 2nd Jan, and on standby 3rd Jan, and now the university is open, it’s gone back to normal so I’m not working again until this Sunday. I feel like my Christmas break has finally started!! Though I go back to university (as a student) on Monday, to start semester 2 of year 2! Eek!

So, so far, for my couple of days off, I’ve watched a lot of films on BBC iPlayer, drank a lot of tea & done a lot of crochet, which is really the reason for this post.

Last week sometime, I found this blog post - - and I decided that it’s something I would like to do! My friend (a 3rd year Geology student) and I decided before Christmas to start making granny squares, and then in the summer we will stitch them all into blankets, and donate them! To charities for the elderly, and to premature baby units in hospitals. (Does anybody know the best way to go about this…?!)

I’ll be honest, I’d made a few squares, and got a bit bored. Wasn’t really keeping up with it, and starting to feel like I’d never get any more made. Enter the above blog post, and I thought, this could help me keep on track! Something to do, just for fun, I mean, one a day isn’t that hard, right?! So, I’m doing it. I started late (on the 3rd) but I’ve now caught up and have made my five squares; three of them need edging with black, and then they’ll be ready. I figure, if I can do at least one, but hopefully two a day, I’ll have a few more for making into blankets in the summer!

I only taught myself to crochet last summer; it’s part of my ‘learn something new’ regime (this year I’m going to buy a bass guitar and learn to play that!) but this crochet challenge is really helping me hone my granny skills, and I’m beginning to learn that it doesn’t have to be perfect; the colours don’t have to match; and I can use up scraps of yarn that are sitting in my basket taking up space!

So; here is the first ever granny square I ever made – I took this everywhere, did it on the train, in the doctors, on the bus, at uni… anywhere I went. It took a small ball of yarn and an extra bit to finish off. The blue camera case at the top is for scale =]

And these are the squares I made pre-Christmas for our blanket project:

And these are the five squares I’ve made as part of the Granny A Day challenge! I’m really enjoying it – it used to take me up to two hours to make a granny square, now I can do one in half an hour. I’m definitely getting better at it!

This is the red one; it doesn't show up well on my bedspread!

I’m also working on three other projects; a crochet hoody, which is coming along VERY slowly; a scarf, that I may turn into a dread wrap, or maybe a hat?; and a dishcloth. I’m far too excited at the prospect at making my own dishcloth!! I’ve got real dishcloth cotton and everything =D

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