Sunday, 4 September 2011


So today.... is my sisters birthday; is the middle of my 3-day weekend; is 2 weeks before I go to Scotland and is 6 weeks until MY birthday!

I've had a good few weeks - since I've moved out I'm so much more chilled out, more relaxed, more at ease with myself. Life is good and it shows. I've lost weight (2 inches off my waist!), gone down a clothes size, gone up a cup size, met loads of awesome people, finally figured out how to crochet!! & and have fallen in love with making soup from scratch. I think I've also decided to become a vegetable.. I mean, a vegetarian. I don't think it'll be that hard, I don't eat much meat anyway. Rarely eat chicken or beef. Do eat a lot of tuna though.

The squat is doing great - we beat a court order, the garden is flourishing & the skate park is more concreted every time I go. It's become such a neat little place to go and spend a few hours. Yesterday I just sat in the peace and did some crochet. So nice.

Work is also good! Only got about 10 days left of the temp full time job. I finish on the 16th, I go to Scotland on the 17th, and I start back at uni on the 26th! I should also get my Palaeontology exam results this Thursday or Friday. I'm quietly confident - even if I only get 50% on the exam, it'll do SO much for my first year overall grade. I think I've done better than 50%, but I also know what my tutor is like, so I'm really not sure what kind of result I'm going to get. Fingers crossed its more than 50%!!

Generally, I'm just feeling so happy and so positive about life. I'm ready for uni and I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready to prove everybody wrong and be the best I can be. I'm ganna work hard and earn every little bit of my First with Honours that I'll be awarded in 2 years time. I can't wait.

Also supposed to be going to Paris for a day or two in October. We shall see.

Love! xx

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