Monday, 5 September 2011


It's been 2 years since I got my allotment, and since I've moved out, I can only get to it maybe once a week. Today was one of those 'once-a-week' moments.

I harvested quite a lot - there's a lot of produce there, I'm just waiting for some to finish ripening, or to fully grow. Lots of loose leaves (lettuce, chard, cabbage leaves, salad) to pick. Runner & Borlotto Beans just starting to get long enough. Courgettes are still heavily cropping - have had LOADS this year, probably a bonus of having 12 plants - but some have been on the ground for a while and are starting to show slug damage. Cut them off, and cut back some leaves, as new female flowers are starting to grow!! Which means more courgettes for meeeee :-) I'm particularly proud of my courgettes this year - they were badly affected by the late frosts and I was certain they'd died and would never recover. As it is, it's been an amazing year for them.

I have trusty little trug, I *LOVE* my trug, he is happiness trug-ified. He is painted blue, and is called Arnold. He's so useful, but alas, he is just too small. He's okay if I don't harvest a lot, if I've just got a few courgettes or beans to bring home, but today, I had to construct an Arnold usurper. Enter... The Box.

The Box is a box, from Homebase, one of two that my ex bought me for my 21st birthday (woohoo!). One is shallow and the other is deep. Lovely pine they are. They live in my Awesome Shed. Today, shallow box recieved a handle, in the form of cable ties & garden wire. This is because Arnold Trug is just too small, and I'd harvested quite a lot today!! I got.. 2 leeks, some yellow tomatoes, peas, runner beans, borlotto beans, 4 small yellow courgettes, 1 marrow sized green courgette, 3 sweetcorns, 3 carrots, loose leaves and yellow raspberries (but I ate them before they made it to Arnold..) and picked more broad beans to dry in my shed for sowing next year. Quite a successful haul!

Here be photos:


And this is Arnold Trug:

I love Arnold.


That be all! I'm off back to the land of no computer. I don't miss it. Although, for some reason I can't blog from my phone :-(

Love x

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  1. Hey, well done & nice harvest, love the 'shorts' carrot, I had a 3 pronged one last yr :)