Monday, 22 October 2012

Work In Progress

Corking Dolly. 5.4m long. Started when I was about 10 years old.

This will be the biggest pom-pon that I've ever made. Started when I was at primary school!

Drinks coaster. Kit from Mollie Makes.

Bag of 10 x 10 cm knitted squares, made by my Grandmother. Enough squares to make a single bed size blanket. All need sewing together! Was given to me by my aunt when Nan died

Autumnal Scarf. Rapidly becoming my favourite piece. Wanted to felt it, but the acrylic content is too high. So far has 4 and a bit balls of yarn, and I've got another five to use. Scarf is becoming a blanky.

Crochet 'boyfriend hoody' from Inside Crochet magazine. Wrong stitch, wrong yarn, wrong size. Oh well. I'll make it work somehow!

Granny A Day Project. May have given up.

A small piece. Crochet dreadlock sleeve. Hook is 2.5mm.

Crochet dishcloth! With actual dishcloth cotton!! Bitch to work with, keeps splitting.

Yarn basket has now become a 'Work In Progress' Basket. Looks neat, huh? Won't stay that way.

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