Monday, 10 September 2012


I've had my uke nearly two months and I can still only just play one song on it. I feel really shit and dejected and crap and rubbish and feel like I should quit while I'm ahead. I saw two different local uke bands, twice each, over the weekend, so I've got more a drive to practice and try to learn, but I'm listening to them, reading their song books and just feeling like I'll never be at that standard. I feel like I'm doing it all wrong because I can't even read music. I don't even know if I'm tuning properly! I have no idea how to work this thing and I just feel like it's all a wasted effort. I have no one else to really practice with so I could be doing it backwards for all I know. I want to carry on and play and practice but I also don't want to bother if it's just going to be awful. Such a catch 22. Sometimes I just sit and strum with an open fret board, or just strum the same chord over and over and over again. Which is ace, I can play three chords without looking at the chart, but I can't seem to incorporate them into a song, I can't change chords without stopping and looking and tilting my uke towards me so I can see what I'm doing.. Gah. Forever a beginner.

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