Friday, 1 June 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Mom asked if we could have a pumpkin patch this year, so today I went and started to clear a patch on Plot 42 for it!! I dug it over, weeded it, dug up loads of potatoes, and then laid down some weed suppressing mulch sheet thing, before planting some french marigolds, a pattypan squash, a courgette and two butternut squashes. I still have another 8 butternuts to plant!! So I think the pumpkin patch will need extending soon :)

The potatoes I dug up are now on Plot 31, in a patch that has two rows of peas, and a row of rainbow chard. The potatoes are left over from the guy who had Plot 42 before - he grew them every year and didn't dig them all up!

L x

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