Friday, 27 April 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Because you're flooding my allotment!!!

But I suppose that'll learn me to have two plots, one a slope, and both in the catchment for the local brook! (The brook is a tributary for the River Rea, and it flows about two metres away from the back of the allotment site - also where my other plot is located. The fence at the back of Plot 42 is the boundary fence and you can see the water. Granted it's a piddly little thing, only really flows when there's rain or snow melt, but still, the allotments don't half flood well..)

Aside from the flooding, which happens every year so I should be used to it by now, the Sugarsnap peas are growing a bit more.. and the slugs have found them..

The rhubarbs are growing - we have two that we put in, and three that were growing wild at the top of the plot, so we left them:

And everywhere else is just looking muddy, grotty and at the 'going-over' stage of flowering:

The majority of these pictures were taken on Plot 31 - my other plot has no 'green' to walk on - it's just a massive piece of mud, so I didn't walk over it much today!

L x

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